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Westwood Shopping Centre, 436 Thompson Dr. Suite 17, Thompson, MB, R8N 0C6
Keeping your teeth healthy outside the dentist’s office can be simple.

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Welcome to Westwood Dental Clinic in Thompson

Stay up on your dental health with the help of Westwood Dental Clinic. We’re a public clinic providing a variety of dental care services from cleanings and wisdom teeth extractions to root canals and cosmetic veneers. Our dental services are provided for the whole family. Children can feel comfortable at our clinic, knowing our friendly facility and experienced staff have their best interests at heart. We’ve had long experience treating younger patients from infants to adolescents.

New Patients Welcomed
New patients are wholeheartedly welcomed to Westwood Dental Clinic. No referrals are required. Walk-ins are no problem at our clinic; we try to accommodate everyone. For our patients’ convenience, we’re open late and on Saturdays. Schedule an appointment today. No extra fees are charged for cancelled appointments.

Our Specialty
Sedation Dentistry is our specialty here at Westwood Dental Clinic. Our dental services such as root canals and teeth extractions require expert sedation dentistry. You can rest assured our dentists and hygienist are well trained in the area.

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