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Your Neighbourhood Family Dentist in Thompson, Manitoba

At Westwood Dental Clinic, we make sure that the people of Thompson, Manitoba don’t have to worry about their dental health. We are a public clinic providing a variety of dental care services from cleanings and wisdom teeth extractions to root canals and cosmetic veneers. Our services are open to people of all ages which makes us your go-to family dental clinic. Our long-running experience in dealing with dental problems in young people makes us well-equipped to treat different age groups from infants to adolescents. If you need a dental check-up, set up an appointment over a call and your neighbourhood dentist will be right at your service.

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Having Dental Troubles?


From root canal treatment to cleaning your stained teeth, we do it all under one roof.

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Kid’s Oral Hygiene


Our expert pediatric dentists make sure your kids have strong teeth and healthy gums.

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Scared of Painful Dental Treatments?

Try our sedation dentistry techniques to make your dental treatments painless and pleasant.

Always Ready to Welcome New Patients

Westwood Dental Clinic believes in being accessible to all patients. We ensure that all our new patients feel completely at ease when they enter the clinic. You don’t need to be referred by other clients to get an appointment. In fact, you can just walk-in with your dental woes and we will welcome you wholeheartedly. Our treatment rooms are equipped with television sets and our waiting room is a pleasant space with fish tanks so that all our patients, from young kids to older people, feel absolutely at home. The convenience of our patients is our priority and that is why you will find us working even on a Saturday.

Our Area of Expertise

Going to a dentist is not a particularly fun experience, in fact, it can be rather daunting. But with our expertise in sedation dentistry, your visit to the dentist will not be a painful memory. Our professional dentists specialize in sedation dentistry which means that agonizing treatments like teeth extractions and root canals will no longer be a problem for you. We take pride in our hygienic work environment and well-trained team of dentists that will make your dental check-ups pleasant.

We also understand that unforeseen circumstances can often mess with our plans but that should not cost you your hard-earned money. That is why we make sure that cancelling an appointment is absolutely free at our dental clinic. Just give us a call and cancel your appointment without having to pay an extra penny.

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