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Protect Your Teeth With Root Canal Treatment in Thompson

Root canal treatments is a safe and effective way to help save and restore a tooth.  Through multiple treatment, we help to save your tooth from infection by removing the infected nerve and pulp from within the tooth. The treatment ends with cleaning and sealing the tooth. Our root canal treatment is made pleasant and patient-friendly with the help of our sedation techniques, relaxing atmosphere, and quick service. If you want to protect your infected tooth from further damage, set up an appointment with our dentist for Root canal treatments in Thompson.

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Why Go for a Root Canal Treatment?

People are often prolonged scheduling treatments because they are afraid of the pain. While it may seem painful in the moment, getting a root canal treatment can save yourself from a lot of dental trouble in the future. Look at the benefits that a root canal offers:


  • It saves the root and crown of the tooth in order to maintain its proper spacing and function in the mouth.

  • It helps avoid extractions so that the natural tooth can be saved.

  • It stops the spread of infection to adjacent teeth.

  • It prevents the degeneration of the jawbone.

  • It enhances oral and overall health.

Let’s Bust Some Myths About Root Canal

One of the main reasons why you may be scared to get a root canal is because a lot of myths surround the procedure. We are here to bust some popular myths that make the rounds about root canal therapy so that you can make a better judgement.

Myth: Root canal treatment causes pain.

Truth: Root canal treatment actually relieves the pain.

Myth: A tooth extraction is a better option than a root canal.

Truth: Missing teeth can lead to jawbone resorption over time.

Myth: Completing a root canal requires several appointments.

Truth: Root canal treatment can be completed in one or two appointments.

Myth: Teeth need to hurt before root canal therapy becomes necessary.

Truth: Teeth that require root canal therapy are not always painful.


Don’t suffer in pain and schedule your root canal treatment with Westwood Dental Clinic in Thompson today! The staff and dentist will make sure your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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