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Say Goodbye to Painful Procedures With Sedation Dentistry in Thompson

You may not particularly enjoy the idea of visiting a dental clinic because it often turns out to be a painful event. At Westwood Dental Clinic, we try our best to make your visits comfortable and painless. That is why we take immense pride in our sedation dentistry practices that aim at relieving you of any pain that you may experience during your dental treatment. This is not only desirable for you but it also helps us to complete the treatment easily. Treatments such as root canal or teeth extraction that are infamous for being painful can be carried out comfortably with sedation dentistry. So, trust our services and get rid of your dental issues with the help of our trained dentists.

Various Levels of Dental Sedation That We Offer

Sedation dentistry works on various levels. Depending on the dental treatment that you are being provided with and the amount of pain relief you require, we offer various levels of sedation to make the procedure comfortable for you.

  • Minimal: This level of sedation keeps you relaxed but awake so you are in your senses while the procedure is taking place.

  • Moderate: This level of sedation will cause your words to slur and you will not be able to talk. You will also not be able to remember much of the procedure.

  • Deep: In this level of sedation you will be at the edge of unconsciousness, but you can respond to call for actions mildly.

  • Anesthesia: This is the strongest level of sedation that we offer in which you will be in a complete state of unconsciousness.

Various Types of Dental Sedation That We Offer

Along with the various levels of sedation used in treating your dental issue, there are also various types of sedation used in dentistry. Here are a few types that we use.

  • Nitrous Oxide: This is a mild sedation where a mask is placed on the patient’s nose through which gas is provided. This usually wears off quickly.

  • Oral: Oral sedatives usually consist of pills that are given to the patient at least an hour before the dental treatment to help them relax.

  • Intravenous Sedation: This is a quick way to sedate a patient. It is induced through a vein and makes the patient lose consciousness for the treatment.

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